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High Seat Chairs

When you are struggling to get up out of your old three piece suite or chair to put the kettle on or answer the door then that is the time when you will benefit from buying a new High Seat Chair.

They don’t have to be just practical, as there are many options that look just like an ordinary three piece suite.

Yes I know, none of us like to think that we are getting older, but time waits for no man and there comes a time when you just have to accept a bit of help for those aching bones.

A higher seat with a firmer base is important so that you end up with a chair that is comfortable as well as practical. It is also best to try out different densities of seat cushion, as we are all different and what one person feels comfortable in the next person will hate. So make sure you try soft medium and firm seat cushion options.

The correct seat depth and rake on the back can make all the difference and to have it all made to match your decor can provide the finishing touch.

Riser Recliner Chairs

As time moves on you may find that even trying to get up and down from your high seat chair is proving difficult or you just cannot get comfortable. Then that is definitely the time to treat yourself to a riser recliner chair.

This type of chair is just a dream come true. At the touch of a button, you can recline in comfort or rise up onto your feet, any time you want.

They don’t have to be just practical, as there are many options that look just like an ordinary three piece suite.

They come in all shapes and sizes and it is imperative that you get the correct size to fit you, The correct seat height, depth and width will make you feel all the more comfortable and secure, safe in the knowledge that you can get up and down with ease.

As these chairs work with either one or two electric (low voltage) motors make sure that you get a full back up service from your supplier as you will be relying on this chair to work at all times. Ensure that the company you buy from provide a full back up service that includes replacement loan chair should something go wrong.

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